Avondale Haunted Barn
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Perhaps you’ve heard of it…

...a dark, lonely hollow, nestled deep in the mountains of Tennessee, the birthplace of countless local legends passed down through the generations. But the grim tale of Avondale Hollow is no mere bedtime story. From the grisly murders at the old Pickett farm, to the specters of lost soldiers said to haunt the nearby Langley manor, and the rumors of strange curses and haunting, disembodied cries told by those who strayed too far into the hollow after dark… Oh yes, there are plenty of folks who still remember the stories. And to those who doubt, who don’t believe in the Avondale curse, they’d all ask the same question… are you brave enough to find out for yourself?

This fall, take the adventure to Avondale Haunted Barn to uncover the mystery of the Avondale curse. Ranked among the top fan-voted must-see haunted attractions in the state, Avondale Haunted Barn is a terrifying, immersive journey into a dark world of twisted folklore and sinister secrets. Located on a historic property and based on real local legends, Avondale Haunted Barn offers a unique and authentic haunt experience you won’t find anywhere else. Come to Avondale Hollow, and you’ll see why they say…


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